8 February 2022

This week we roll out our National Apprenticeship Week Programme to inspire our students to make informed decisions when they embark on the next chapter of their lives. Apprenticeships are an exciting paid option for any student wanting to gain on and off the job training in their chosen field and there are so many fields to choose from.   

What’s happening in school? 

We’re taking over form time and putting students and parents/carers in touch with industry leaders and influencers through the week.  

Monday 7th February: Introduction Day – students will be introduced to what apprenticeships are, the benefits and how to apply.  

Tuesday 8th February: Employer Day – Introduction to apprenticeships in construction and the police service delivered by Willmott Dixon and Leicestershire Police.  

Wednesday 9th February: YAAN Day – YAAN is the abbreviation for Young Apprenticeship Ambassador Network. Students will get to talk to other young people who have taken the road of an apprenticeship and here their real-life stories.  

Thursday 10th February: Thankful Thursday – here students are given the tools they need to make an impact when applying for an apprenticeship. 

Friday 11th February: SEND Celebration Day – celebrating special needs and disabilities and what an apprenticeship can offer anyone.  

Saturday 12th February: Parent Day – Parents are invited to attend one of the four online seminars we’ll be running on ‘Helping my child with an Apprenticeship’  

Plus, more for individual year groups that will give a more detailed look if an apprenticeship is the right choice for them.