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Starting in January 2021, EdTech will be revealing their Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) support hub. Visit their SEND support hub page for more information by clicking here.


Meet the team of specialists, find out how best to access the programme and get some tips on getting September started right. Watch on YouTube below. 

Introduction (Accessible Tech Thursdays) - YouTube


An introduction to one of the most useful tools to help learners access written text. We will cover options on different platforms and cover those extra features that can make all the difference. Watch on YouTube below.

Text to speech Part 1 of 2 (Accessible Tech Thursdays) - YouTube

Early Switch Skills

Taking a look at alternative access to computers/communication aids using switches. It will provide a step-by-step guide from the assessment process, to early switch skills such as awareness of cause and effect. It will explore a range of switch accessible software, websites, and activities. Watch on YouTube below.

EdTech 13 Early switch skills for computer access and communication - YouTube


Using your voice to write can be transformative for learners and is a useful life-skill for everyone! We will cover the main options and give options for the classroom, mobile devices, and exams. Watch on YouTube below.

Dictation (Accessible Tech Thursdays) - YouTube


Changing visual options can make resources accessible. We will go through the main software and features that can help your learners see the work in the best possible way. Watch on YouTube below.

Vision (Accessible Tech Thursdays) - YouTube

Physical Equipment

How do we work out what equipment learners need? What is out there and where do we buy it from? We can help you with these questions and more. Watch on YouTube below.

Physical Kit (Accessible Tech Thursdays) - YouTube

Remote Therapy

There are some excellent resources and tips on delivering remote therapy, we’ll review these and help you to feel comfortable delivering therapy in this manner. Designed with Speech and Language Therapists in mind, but with guidance that should help all therapists. Watch on YouTube below.

Remote Therapy (Accessible Tech Thursdays) - YouTube

Blended / Flipped Learning

Blended learning is an approach to education that combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional place-based classroom methods. Flipped learning has been described as “school work at home and home work at school.” They are both effective when done correctly and can improve the differentiation, accessibility and engagement of learners. Watch on YouTube below.

Blended/Flipped learning (Accessible Tech Thursdays) - YouTube

Visual Learning

Mind-mapping, social stories, essay planning, symbols and timetables. We will discuss the merits of each, provide you with solutions (PC and mobile) and give you some new tools to deliver your sessions more inclusively. Watch on YouTube below.

Visual Learning (Accessible Tech Thursdays) - YouTube


Never before has so much accessibility been at our fingertips built-in to the tools we use. In this webinar Hector Minto from Microsoft will cover features, tools and tips in Office 365, Teams, Microsoft Office (desktop), Windows OS and more.

We will be demonstrating immersive reader, a fantastic way of improving literacy, catering for learners with English as a second language and improving grammar skills. Watch on YouTube below. 

Microsoft (Accessible Tech Thursdays) - YouTube


There are some pioneering learning tools being provided through Google Education and some excellent accessibility options. So how do you make the most of these tools and what can you do with browser extensions?

We’ll cover all this and more. Including a free dictation tool (speech to text) that works with most learners without training and free tools for learners to be able to read online resources whatever their access. Watch on YouTube below. 

Google (Accessible Tech Thursdays) - YouTube


iPads and iPhones have consistent accessibility features so once you understand these you can enjoy them on any Apple device. We’ll take you through these and give you the skills to understand how to use apps in a meaningful way to improve accessibility for learners. Watch on YouTube below.

Apple (Accessible Tech Thursdays) - YouTube


Mobile devices and tablets are increasingly a major part of our lives. So how can we use these for learners to access digital materials, browse the internet, communicate and be more independent? Allow us to take you through some options in a webinar that will cover both inbuilt features/settings and a range of applications.

Watch on YouTube below.

Mobile (Accessible Tech Thursdays) - YouTube


How do we know which technology will help which learners? Assessment takes “on paper” solutions and improves them by taking into account all of the variables in a learning environment. Whether this is through casual observation or a more rigorous process, it is vital that some consideration be given to assess learning for accessible technology. This webinar will equip you with the skills, paperwork and processes to make it work for your context.

Watch on YouTube below. 

Assessment of Learners (Accessible Tech Thursdays) - YouTube

Physical Kit+

Building on the first physical kit webinar, we look at more advanced equipment in the world of assistive technology. Bringing together eye-gaze, head-mice, smart-glasses and much more. Watch on YouTube below.

Physical Kit+ (Accessible Tech Thursdays - YouTube

Mental Health

We all know that looking after our mental health is important. How can we use technology to support this? How can we take into account the needs of those with disabilities when doing so? We will cover some background before diving into an array of solutions that can help on computers, tablets and mobile phones. Watch on YouTube below. 

Mental Health (Accessible Tech Thursdays) - YouTube

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