Subject Vision and Intent

Hodge Hill Girls' School is proud to develop our pupils as citizens who are aware of their responsibilities locally, nationally and globally. This is achieved through a programme of assemblies, the school ethos and the curriculum. Through citizenship lessons we aim for the students to gain an understanding of the world around them and how to become a successful member of the community. We encourage students to understand about current affairs such as elections or the EU and to participate in healthy debates that allow students to not only express their own opinion but to give them a platform to understand how other opinions may differ and how this can impact people in everyday life. We aim to prepare students to be able to make decision as they grow older such as how to vote or how to get involved in community projects, whilst looking at key British values.

Five Year Plan

  Term Year 7   Year 8   Year 9   Year 10    Year 11  

 Autumn Term 1  



 Law and Order 


 British Constitution  

 Economy and Finance 

 Autumn Term 2  



 Law and Order 


 Rights and Responsibility 

 Identity and Diversity 

 Spring Term 1  






 Politics beyond the UK 

 Spring Term 2  





 Legal Systems 

 UK relations to wider   world 

 Summer Term 1  



 Identity and Diversity 


 Citizenship Participation  


 Summer Term 2  



 Identity and Diversity 


 Media and the Free Press 

KS4 - Exam Board Information

GCSE Citizenship Studies 

Exam Board OCR 


GCSE Citizenship consists of 3 papers 

Paper 1: Citizenship in perspective. 50 minutes 

Paper 2: Citizenship in action, 1 hour, 45 minutes 

Paper3: Our rights, our society, our world, 50 minutes 

Key Topics 

There are four sections:  

Section 1: Rights, the law and the legal system in England and Wales 

Section 2: Democracy and government 

Section 3: The UK and the wider world 

Section 4: Citizenship action 

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