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Extra Curricular Activities

At Hodge Hill Girls' School, extracurricular after-school activities run alongside the academic curriculum and offer pupils the opportunity to further develop character, knowledge, and skills.

Extracurricular after-school activities equips students with valuable life skills which extend beyond the classroom context, serving to promote overall academic success, health and well-being and widen life experiences enabling students to make informed life decisions post 16.

Throughout the year we also have special events, such as drop-down days, theatre group visits, competitions, and workshops. Below is just a snapshot showing the breadth and depth of our Curriculum Enhancement programme:


Extracurricular After School Activities


Aspirations Day 

Every year pupils from all year groups take part in a range of activities to support thinking about their futures.

A number of outside agencies work with our pupils, previously Sharan Gill, Education Office from Severn Trent Water has provided a session on career opportunities with Severn Trent, Mikayla Sinead, from the Bridge Network Group has shared information and inspired pupils on the many career opportunities in the gaming industry.  In addition, a Careers convention in partnership with local colleges and universities has been facilitated which includes information from apprenticeship providers and the army. 



At Hodge Hill Girls’ School we celebrate STEAM week every year by offering pupils the opportunity to take part in many different STEM activities to show how Science works in real life and to explore STEM careers. Year 9 attend the Big Bang Fair held at the NEC. The fair is hosted by a wide range of presenters including NHS, BAE, the environment agency, Openreach, HS2, Rolls-Royce to name but a few! The fair takes place over three days, each day with a different focus: Solving human challenges, Technology changing the world, and Climate change and the environment. 

Peer mentoring 

In the Spring, Summer and Autumn term 2022 pupils attended two days of peer mentoring training being run by Birmingham Education Partnership. Pupils worked collaboratively with four other schools in our community to showcase ideas of developing their roles as peer mentors. Since training Peer mentors have taken on many leadership roles in School. 


Art Competitions 

Spring 2022  

Illustration challenge to bring their favourite book characters to life in any form of art they liked.  

Autumn 2022 

In October 2022, the art and design department launched ‘The World Reimagined Project’ and pupils across several year groups were invited to take part. The World Reimagined Project is a worldwide celebration that works to transform our understanding of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and its impact on all of us to help us make racial justice a reality. The World Reimagined Project promotes the universal language of drawing as a tool for learning, expression and invention. 
  Year 7 pupils were invited to take part in a ‘Design a Book Cover’ competition. Pupils were invited to design a cover and give a reason for their choice of title.  


Maths Challenge  

In Spring 2022, sixty students took part in a maths challenge, in celebration of the UK Mathematics Trust’s 25th anniversary! 

In Spring 2023, a number of Year 9 pupils are attending the ‘It All Adds Up’ day at Oxford University. This is a day which aims to inspire our pupils into continuing with Maths Education and embrace the opportunity tour the University Campus.  


Textiles in Medicine 

Previously, Mr A.Rehman and his registrar Mr Allahabadi, from Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust, spent time with our textile pupils teaching them the stitching techniques used in a surgery setting. We hope to inspire students to think beyond traditional textile careers and open them up to new aspirations that they might not have considered before. 


Trip to Carding Mill Valley 

Every year our Year 10 and 11 Geography students have the opportunity to visit Carding Mill Valley to complete their understanding of rivers project as part of their GCSE. It is also an opportunity to get closer with nature.   


Theatre Experiences 

Every year pupils in years 8-10 who study French have the opportunity to watch a visiting theatre group deliver a play in French. Pupils very much enjoy this cultural experience and being immersed in this experience can only develop their love of the French language and culture. 

Year 9 English Literature pupils have the opportunity to watch a live theatre production of Macbeth. This is a great opportunity to see Shakespeare at its best as a live performance brings literature to life.  

Year 10 have experienced a fun-filled stage adaption of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ led by Quantum Theatre. This enchanting version was an hour and a half long, specially adapted for young children. Lively and amusing, this production featured five actors and was packed full of rhythmic moves and dialogues. Watching a live performance provided them with a sense of life as well as a memorable experience socially, culturally, and emotionally. 

More recently, as part of the GCSE Drama course a number of Year 11 students went to see ‘Noughts & Crosses’ at the Alexandar Theatre. The students gave great feedback and used the experience to develop their own acting skills.  


HHGS Sports Week 

For five weeks in the Summer term our pupils participate in HHGS Sports Weeks. Pupils were asked to compete in five different sports - Football, Athletics, Basketball, Handball and Cricket, to gain points for their team, their class and their house groups. All Pupils took part from Year 7 to Year 10 and there was a lovely, fun and vibrant atmosphere in the pupils' PE lessons and around school which was a great way to end a challenging year. 


Speakers Trust  

A small group of year 10 pupils had the opportunity to work with ‘Speakers Trust’. They worked on building their confidence with public speaking, learning how to create speeches, and received top tips to take forward into their future interviews and college applications. At the end of the workshop pupils create their own speech about a topic that meant something to them and perform it in front of their classmates. 


Stephen Seki  

Our Year 9 students had the fantastic opportunity to work with Stephen Seki , he is one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the UK. Topics covered included how to overcome failure, how to be the best you can be, how to build resilience and confidence.  


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