Health & Social Care

Subject Vision and Intent 

Health and Social Care is an option that pupils can study at Key Stage 4.

Our main vision for Health and Social Care in Hodge Hill Girls' School is to build and promote knowledge and understanding of Human Lifespan development, Health and Social Care Services available in NHS field as well as Care Values that need to represent one caring for others. Our curriculum will provide students with opportunities to develop essential skills needed to support people with wide range of needs, from babies and toddlers to adults and the elderly. This course can help our students to take the first steps towards a career caring for people and communities. We strive to promote respect, decision-making, problem-solving, co-operation, compassion.


Five-Year Plan

Term Year 7   Year 8   Year 9  Year 10    Year 11  

Autumn Term 1  





Human Life span and development 

Care Values 

Factors affecting Health and Wellbeing

Autumn Term 2  






Obstacles to health Improvement 

Spring Term 1  





Life Events 

Human Development 


Spring Term 2  





Services in the Health and Social Care sector

 Exam preparation

Summer Term 1  





Services in the Health and Social Care sector


Summer Term 2  





Introduction to the Care Values 



Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11)

BTEC Tech Award Health and Social Care 

Exam Board  Edexcel 


BTEC Tech Award Health and Social Care is assessed through the completion of three Component Units: 

  • Component 1: Human lifespan development – internally assessed (30%) in Year 10  
  • Component 2: Health and Social care Services and Values – Internally assessed (30%) in Year 10 
  • Component 3 – Health and Wellbeing - externally assessed (40%) in Year 11, written exam externally assessed


Key Topics 

  • Human growth and development across life stages
  • Factors affecting growth and development 
  • Different types of life event 
  • Coping with change caused by life events 
  • Health and social care services 
  • Barriers to accessing services 
  • Care values 
  • Reviewing own application of care values 
  • Factors affecting health and wellbeing 
  • Physiological indicators 
  • Lifestyle indicators 
  • Health and wellbeing improvement plans 
  • Obstacles to implementing plans 

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