At Hodge Hill Girls' School, we believe homework plays a vital role in enhancing our students' learning experience and academic success. Homework is part of our education process, and we believe it's valuable based on research, like the Education Endowment Foundation's (EEF) findings, which suggest that doing homework can help students make approximately 5 months more progress during secondary school.

Homework is a vital part of the learning process, allowing consolidation of what has been learnt in class and developing the habit of learning independently. Regular study at home is essential if a young person is to get the most out of their schooling. 

At Hodge Hill Girls’ School, the use of online learning is promoted at every opportunity through our use of our Pupil Portal and various IT systems, which encourages further development of independent learning skills and gives pupils more control over how and when they learn. Homework is set via ClassCharts.



1. Academic Progress and Achievement:

Homework at Hodge Hill Girls' School is carefully designed to reinforce and consolidate the learning that occurs in the classroom, providing our students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge independently.

The EEF research underscores the positive correlation between regular engagement with homework and increased academic progress, contributing significantly to our students' overall achievement.


2. Independent Learning and Responsibility:

Completing homework assignments encourages the development of essential skills such as time management, self-discipline, and responsibility—qualities that are fundamental for success in academics and beyond.


3. Extension of Classroom Learning:

Our homework is designed to make learning go beyond the classroom. It lets students explore topics more and use what they know in different situations.


4. Preparation for Future Challenges:

Homework at Hodge Hill Girls' School prepares our students for the challenges they may encounter in higher education and the professional world, instilling a strong work ethic and the ability to engage with tasks independently.

The skills developed through regular homework completion are transferable to various academic and professional settings, contributing to our students' long-term success.

Together, with the school, students, and families working together, we want to give our students a great education that helps them in the future and makes them love learning. Our homework calendar for students is as follows:


Key Stage 3 Homework Timetable:

Once per week

Once per fortnight

Once per half-term














Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 students are expected to complete one homework assignment per week for each subject they take.


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