Subject Vision and Intent

The Mathematics Department aims to provide all students with a rewarding and enjoyable experience of mathematics. We will prepare students to become confident, numerate individuals who are able to deal with all aspects of mathematics in their chosen career and in all aspects of their adult life.

This will be accomplished through our commitment to excellent teaching, a well-designed curriculum focused on creating mastery within Mathematics and a commitment to engaging students. We have high expectations of all students so that they will recognise and achieve their full potential. We hope that students will develop their own skills in analysis, reasoning, problem-solving, collaboration and self-evaluation so that they can meet the mathematical problems they face with throughout their lives with greater confidence and critical thinking.


Five-Year Plan

Term Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11

Autumn Term 1  

Unit 1: Averages

Unit 2: Number

Unit 1: Number

Unit 2: Area & Volume

Unit 1H: Number

Unit 9H: Quadratics

Unit 18H: Vectors & Proofs

Unit 1F: Number Unit 10H: Graphs & Transformations Unit 18F: Fractions, Indices & Standard Form
Autumn Term 2

Unit 3: Functions

Unit 4: Decimals

Unit 3: Statistics, Graphs & Charts

Unit 4: Expressions & Equations

Unit 2H: Algebra

Unit 11H: Multiplicative reasoning

Unit 19H: Proportion &Graphs
Unit 2F: Algebra Unit 11F: Ratio & Proportion Unit 10F: Congruence, Similarity & Vectors
Spring Term 1

Unit 5: Fractions

Unit 6: Probability

Unit 5: Real Life Graphs

Unit 6: Decimals & Ratios

Unit 3H: Interpreting Data Unit 12H: Similarity and Congruency Recap & Revision
Unit 3F: Graph, Tables & Charts Unit 12F: Right-angled Triangles
Spring Term 2 Unit 7: Ration & Proportion Unit 7: Lines & Angles

Unit 4H: Fractions, Ratio & Percentage

Unit 5H: Trigonometry

Unit 13H: Further Trigonometry

Unit 14H: Further Statistics

Recap & Revision

Unit 4F: Fractions & Percentages

Unit 5F: Equations, Inequalities & Sequences

Unit 13F: Probability

Unit 14F: Multiplicative Reasoning

Summer Term 1

Unit 8: Lines & Angles

Unit 9: Sequences & graphs

Unit 8: Calculating Fractions

Unit 9: Straight Line Graphs

Unit 6H: Graphs

Unit 7H: Area and Volume

Unit 15H: Equations and Graphs


Unit 6F: Angles

Unit 7F: Averages & Range

Unit 15F: Constructions, Loci & Bearings
Summer Term 2 Unit 10: Transformations Unit 10: FDP

Unit 8H: Transformation and Construction

Unit 16H: Circle Theorems

Unit 17H: Further Algebra

Unit 8F: Perimeter, Area & Volume

Unit 16F: Quadratic Equations & Graphs

Unit 17F: Perimeter, Area & Volume 2

Pupils will complete unit tests at the end of every unit to monitor short term progress. In addition, pupils complete termly tests based on units learnt during that term. For each unit, pupils will be challenged with problem-solving and reasoning questions.  Also, there will be links to Stem and Real-Life Mathematics.


Key Stage 4

GCSE Maths

Exam Board Edexcel (Course code: 1MA1)


GCSE Maths consists of 3 papers

Paper 1 – Non-calculator, 1 hour 30 minutes (80 marks)

Paper 2 – Calculator, 1 hour 30 minutes (80 marks)  

Paper 3 - Calculator, 1 hour 30 minutes (80 marks)

The Higher paper pupils can achieve grades from 9 to 4, and Foundation enables pupils to achieve grades between 5 and 1.

Key Topics

1. Number

2. Algebra

3. Ration, proportion and rates of change

4. Geometry and measures

5 Probability

6 Statistics

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