Religious Studies

Subject Vision and Intent

Our main vision of Religious Studies at Hodge Hill Girls’ school is to promote the respect of Article 9: Freedom of thought, conscience and religion. We as a department want to provide our pupils with diverse, enriching and empowering lessons that effectively create a generation which is receptive to difference and prepare them for a culturally diverse and evolving world. Our aim is to encourage an awareness of how Religious Studies is significant to everyday life, to encourage passion for the study of beliefs, practices, life-styles and world-views locally, nationally and globally. We thrive to promote shared respect, acceptance and appreciation across varied cultures and communities.

The staff in RS department have the ambition to nurture pupils spiritually, academically and personally. Finding out about the beliefs and lifestyles of all people will support pupils at Hodge Hill Girls’ school reflect on their own beliefs, the choices they make, character they develop and who they want to be. Learning to express their own beliefs, sharing their own views and respectfully listening to the opinions of others is an important life skill and this is something that we feel passionate about in the Religious Studies Department.


Five-Year Plan

Term Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11

Autumn Term 1  

What is Belief? What does it mean to be a committed Jew? Should humans compete with God?

 Christian Beliefs  

Living a Muslim Life
Autumn Term 2 Why are Abraham and Moses special to the Jews? What does the Incarnation mean to Christians? Can we make poverty history? Philosophy of Religion     Matters of Life and Death
Spring Term 1 Why is the Prophet Muhammad important to Muslims Why is the Prophet Muhammad important to Muslims How can we challenge unfair rules? Living a Christian Life Revision
Spring Term 2 Where and how do believers worship? What does the resurrection mean to Christians? Where are we going? (Rites of passage) Equality Revision
Summer Term 1 Why are sacred texts important to believers? What are we doing to the environment? Can humans ever live in peace? Muslim Beliefs  
Summer Term 2 Why is Gotoma Buddha important today? What does it mean to be a committed Sikh? Christian Beliefs Marriage and the Family       


Key Stage 4

GCSE Religious Studies 

Exam Board Pearson's Edexcel
GCSE Religious Studies consists of 2 papers
• Paper 1: 1C Religion and Ethics (Islam), 1 hour 45 minutes
• Paper 3: 3B Religion, Philosophy and Social Justice, 1 hour 45 minutes
Key Topics

Paper 1: Area of Study 1 - Religion and Ethics (Islam)
Section 1: Muslim Beliefs
Section 2: Marriage and the Family
Section 3: Living the Muslim Life
Section 4: Matters of Life and Death

Paper 3: Area of Study3 - Religion, Philosophy and Social Justice (Christianity)
Section 1: Christian Beliefs
Section 2: Philosophy of Religion
Section 3: Living the Christian Life
Section 4: Equality


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