Hodge Hill Girls’ School requires pupils to attend school wearing the correct school uniform. It is expected that all pupils will wear the correct school uniform every day and that parents will support this. A smart uniform promotes a sense of pride in the school and oneself as well as promoting a feeling of community and sense of belonging.

The uniform consists of:

2022/2023   Additional Information

Burgundy blazer with school logo

Pupils in Years 7-11 can wear the new uniform or old uniform, but it must be one or the other

White buttoned up school shirt, short or long sleeved

Shirts should be long enough to be tucked into skirts or trousers

Black skirt

Skirts should be plain black and business like, an appropriate length for school (not too short or long), no lycra or fashion items e.g. with patterns embroidery fancy zips etc

Black trousers/Shalwar kameez

Trousers should be plain black and business like. e.g. no fashion trousers, leggings, jeans ¾ length, turn-ups etc;

A grey v- neck jumper*


Black shoes/ankle boots

Shoes should be black, sensible and waterproof. They must be suede. Leather or leather look with no heel or a very small heel. Laces should be black. Smart plain black ankle boots with a small heel can be worn. Shoes/ankle boots should not have fancy trim, logos or branding etc. Ankle boots will need to be under the trouser.   Trainers and canvas shoes are not acceptable.

Plain black socks/tights


Plain black headscarf *


Headscarves should not have any patterns, lace etc and should be tied back securely in practical lessons in the interests of health and safety

KS3 school tie in house colours

The house tie is different for KS3 and KS4, ties should be worn at all times except in PE

(NB: * Optional Item)

Outdoor coats, jackets, gloves, scarves, hats and caps – should be smart and practical and removed prior to entering the school building. Blazers must be worn at all times. In warm weather, the school will operate a ‘blazers off’ policy.  Students will be informed when they must wear their blazers.

Jewellery – we allow one plain stud in the lower part of each ear and one small stud in the nose. Nose rings are not permitted. All piercings must be removed for PE. We suggest that any new piercings are done at the start of the summer holidays.  Pupils can also wear a watch. (Smartwatches or the equivalent are not permitted)

Nails, Make-Up, Hair – nails should look natural and be an appropriate length for school. False nails and coloured nail polish are not allowed and, as such, will need to be removed. Pupils at KS4 may wear discrete natural make up. Hair should be natural and tied back for practical activities. Appropriate hair accessories e.g. hair slides can be worn but should be black to compliment the school uniform. No fashion accessories should be worn.


Policy on Incorrect Uniform

Pupils are expected to contact their Pastoral Manager at the start of the school day if they do not have the correct uniform. Where pupils are not adhering to the policy appropriate consequences will follow as per the School Behaviour Policy. Parents, if you are not sure if an item follows our School Uniform Policy, please contact your daughter’s Pastoral Manager for clarification before buying. All school uniform should be clearly labelled with your daughter’s name and form.


P.E Kit

PE Uniform (all pupils) Additional information

Burgundy polo shirt with school badge

No other non - school t-shirt tops

Plain black jogging bottoms or sports leggings

These should not have any sports branding or be fashion items, plain black only. Leggings must be sports leggings.

Burgundy hoodie with the school logo


A pair of sports trainers specifically for PE lessons

Trainers should be not worn at other times. Footwear in PE must be appropriate for sports and not a fashion item.

Plain black long-sleeved t-shirt may be worn under the polo shirt as a base layer * 


Sports headscarf * 


This should be a scarf appropriate for PE lessons and can be purchased in relevant uniform suppliers.


(NB: * Optional Item)

All pupils who are well enough to be in school are expected to bring and wear their PE kit to every PE lesson, even if they feel a little under the weather or are nursing an injury. Under the guidance of their PE teacher, the student will be given a different practical role to carry out during this time and their condition will be taken into consideration.

It is expected that all Year 7 pupils have purchased their clothing needs before they start school in September. All items of Physical Education clothing must be clearly marked with the owner’s name before the kit is worn for the first time.

To create a healthy and safe environment and to meet Health and Safety requirements, all pupils are expected to remove all jewellery before engaging in any physical activity.  We ask parents/carers to support this in seeing that any body piercing is only undertaken at the beginning of the holiday, so it has time to settle down before removal. Any piercings which cannot be removed must be covered with a plaster.

Pupils who forget their PE kits will be given a washed kit to wear.  Once worn pupils must take the kit home to wash and bring back to school the following day.


Please note the school ties will be in the house colours as follows:-

  • Years 7-9 Ties - Broad Stripe
  • Years 10-11 Ties - Thin Stripe
  • House:     Yousafzai      Tie colour is Purple
  • House:     Curie             Tie colour is Yellow
  • House:     Williams       Tie colour is Green
  • House:     Parkes          Tie colour is Blue
  • House:     Dench          Tie colour is Red

Uniforms can be purchased from Clive Marks, Mansuri and RAK uniform suppliers.


Uniform Suppliers

Clive Marks
2282 Coventry Road
B26 3JR
0121 722 2286

163-165 Yew Tree Lane
B26 1AY

R.A.K – Uniforms
603 Washwood Heath Road
B8 2HB


Hodge Hill Girls School
Bromford Road
B36 8EY

0121 464 3094