The girls themselves contribute to the management of the school through the School Council and all year groups are expected to take advantage of opportunities for responsibility within the school. In addition there are opportunities to join steering groups, mini enterprise projects and charity events and to act as peer mentor and prefects.

Talents, ability and effort are rewarded through the School's Award System.

Industry, enterprise and response to challenge are recognised through our rewards system.

The School's philosophy centres on equal opportunities for all.

Enshrined in this is the recognition of:

  • The right of every individual to develop to their full potential and the responsibility to see this right is afforded to others,
  • The right of every individual to respect consideration and courtesy and the responsibility to show these to others, - the right to be listened to and the responsibility to listen to others,
  • The right to learn and the responsibility to allow others to learn,
  • The right to a safe and pleasant environment and the responsibility to maintain this for others,
  • The right to be free from all bullying and threats and the responsibility to ensure others are not bullied or threatened.

This is a contract signed by every pupil and their parents on their acceptance of a place in the school. A copy is kept in each pupil's organiser. Students are constantly reminded about our expectations and the Behaviour Code is displayed in all teaching rooms and on all landings. Students are well aware of the systems of the school and know how to seek help and support should it be needed.

Classroom Rules

The following classroom rules support our code of conduct:

  • Arrive on time calmly and quietly with the necessary equipment and with your coat off.
  • Listen to and follow all instructions from your teacher straight away.
  • Get down to work and stay on task.
  • Do not distract other pupils.
  • Raise your hand if you wish to speak and wait for your teacher to give permission.
  • Treat staff, fellow pupils and their work and property with respect.


The school operates a no bullying policy. We feel very strongly about this and if anyone is found to be bullying another girl they are dealt with very severely. There is always someone to talk to:

  • Friends
  • Form Tutor
  • Parents
  • Learning Mentors
  • Pastoral Manager
  • Subject Teachers
  • Headteacher
  • Deputy Headteacher
  • Dinner Supervisors
  • Any other member of staff