Our commitment to meeting students individual needs. 
Learning, pastoral and personal support is organised by the Entitlement Team. This team has a holistic approach, supporting each student academically, pastorally and personally. It involves all areas of school, home liaison, attendance and support for students with Special Educational Needs. The team, headed by a Deputy Head, includes the Learning Support Manager and team and the traditional pastoral team in the form of Pastoral Managers and Learning Mentors. 
We pride ourselves on meeting the individual needs of each student. Prior to students entering this school we liaise with Primary Schools to identify and plan appropriate support. Students who have individual needs include: those who are experiencing learning difficulties, those who are learning English as an additional language, those who are recognised as more able, those with physical or medical difficulties and those who have emotional or behavioural issues. 
The school is committed to improving accessibility for all, with this in mind we have installed a lift between floors and had a new reception area built to accommodate students and visitors with physical difficulties. Other adaptations to meet the needs of individuals will be made throughout the coming years. 
The school uses a variety of strategies to help support students. These include: differentiation of tasks and expected outcomes, teaching to suit different learning styles, collaborative teaching, additional support in certain lessons and literacy and numeracy intervention sessions. Students who are identified as having Individual Needs are placed on a database in line with the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice. Their progress is constantly monitored by regular reviews involving staff, parents/carers, and the students; this is in addition to the schools' ongoing assessment procedures. The Learning Support Manager, who reports to the Headteacher and Governing Body, oversees individual Needs throughout the school. A named Governor has assumed responsibility for monitoring Individual Needs. A teacher of students with English as an Additional Language and a team of Teaching Assistants support the Learning Support Manager. Support is given in class or by withdrawal if necessary. 
All students follow the full National Curriculum. The school's commitment to students with Individual Needs is reflected in the schools' Special Educational Needs Policy and in individual subjects and faculties. 
Pastoral and Personal Care 
In each year there are approximately 150 girls allocated to five form groups (or tutor groups).  Each form group has a room which acts as a base for registration at the beginning of each morning. Afternoon registration takes place in period 4. The form teacher checks on attendance and punctuality and works closely with subject teachers to maintain an overall view of pupils' academic and social development. If girls have any concerns about their work or life in school in general the form teacher will help to resolve the problems. Form Teachers monitor all rewards which may be awarded to girls for academic and personal achievements and we hold regular award assemblies and events. 
Form teachers are supported by Pastoral Managers for each year group and the Deputy Head for Personal Support and Achievement who oversees all pastoral matters. They play an important role in dealing with problems referred by form teachers and liaise with parents and pupil support services. 
Termly progress reports and a fuller annual report on each girl's progress is sent home and a meeting is arranged for parents to discuss their daughter's achievements with each teacher in more detail. However, if parents are concerned about their daughter's education at any time in the year they are invited to telephone the school to make an appointment with the relevant Pastoral Manager in the first instance.