The Home School Community Partnership was set up in February 2010. Since its inauguration this organisation has been actively involved in school events. The aim of the organisation is to support the advance of education of our pupils.

The following objectives play a key role:

  • Provide opportunities for everyone to work together for the betterment of the school.
  • Raise funds to help the school provide extra resources for pupils.
  • Run social events for children, parents, families and the wider community.

There are six members on the Executive Committee. This includes parents, governors, staff and community representatives.

To achieve the above objectives there are two sub-committees for the HCSP, which are as follows:

  • Events Sub-Committee
  • Youth Sub-Committee

The Events Sub-Committee consists of 10 members, which includes the Executive Committee and another four members. This committee plans and run the social and fund raising events.

The Youth Sub-Committee consists of 10 pupils who are also involved with the social and fundraising activities. The Youth Sub-Committee take part in the planning and evaluation meetings, assist with publicity, selling tickets and helping on the day of events.

The HSCP is very successful, with the membership going from strength to strength. Members are growing in confidence and taking on more responsibilities. The HSCP is involved in a wide variety of activities that support the school including social and fundraising events, helping with Adult Education classes, Saturday School and helping with educational visits.

If you are interested in becoming a member of any of the sub committees or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed on 0121 464 3094.